Coulson and Associates is a seasoned team of security experts with a diverse client base. Established in 2002, the Coulson team has worked to develop a comprehensive repertoire of experiences by assisting North American and international clients. CA takes pride in creating individualized plans that secure the environment for their clients. Time, space and reaction are the fundamental principles Coulson and Associates employ to keep you safe.

President Danny Coulson, provides the foundation for this established company. Danny enriches the company with 31 years of experience from his service with the FBI. During his career with the FBI Danny was responsible for the rescue of more than 300 hostages and established the FBI’s world renowned Hostage Rescue Team. Educated as a lawyer with a B.A. in government, Mr. Coulson is truly the foundation, behind the reputation of Coulson and Associates. Danny understands the importance of teamwork and utilizes an extensive group of highly qualified associates for this global security provider.

Coulson and Associates is constantly striving to bring their clients the most current security methods and technologies. Dignitaries, businesses, governments, institutions and private citizens alike, have benefited from the experience behind CA. Individual consultations aid in assessing how to implement the security protocols necessary to keep assets secure. Consultations are an integral part of Coulson and Associates service.

Coulson and Associates provide a wide range of services from “Active Shooter Response Training” for institutions and businesses, to assessment and security for major cultural and sporting events. CA specializes in police training in North America as well as governments in the Middle East and South America. CA conducts investigations nationally and internationally. Coulson and Associates have government resources and connections networking across the globe.

Danny Coulson is a court certified expert in Facilities Security and Active Shooter matters.

Time, Space, Reaction. Learn these principles. Save your life.


I am a FBI Hostage Rescue Team Operator.

I serve the people of the United States of America,
and will do all that my nation lawfully requires of me.

I will be called upon to perform certain tasks fully
knowing the hazards of my chosen profession.

I will always place the mission first and will never accept defeat.

I will maintain myself, my arms, and my equipment,
and I will strive to be an expert in my trade-craft.

I will commit to being a
professional who is humbled by
the position of trust we are expected to uphold.

I will not fail those with whom I serve,
for the ties that grow between men who live savagely together,
communing with death, are bonds that will live forever.

I will not fail in this sacred trust,
as I am member of my country’s chosen few.

I am a savior of life and a guardian of freedom.

Servare Vitas

Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training

The very words bring a chill to our being. Our thoughts immediately turn to innocent men, women and children being savagely slaughtered by psychotic monsters who show no mercy.

Security Assessment and Consulting

Security Assessment and Consulting

Our technicians conduct forensic examinations of computer systems, individual computers to insure complete security of your data bases.

International Investigations

International Investigations

Domestic and Foreign Investigations. We conduct International investigations for firms in the United States and abroad.

Cyber Security and Forensics

Cyber Security and Forensics

Protection from digital attacks. We have been able to save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by evaluating other companies bids for electronic security equipment.

Danny Coulson

Danny Coulson served in the Federal Bureau of Investigation for thirty one years. He has served as the Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI with responsibility for worldwide terrorism investigations, commanded four FBI Field Divisions and created and commanded the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team. He has commanded operations that led to the recovery of over 300 hostages. Mr. Coulson has conducted Security Facility Assessments of some of the United States’ most sensitive institutions.

He was selected by the Director of the FBI as a commander of the Oklahoma City Bombing matter. Mr. Coulson regularly appears on Network Television as an expert in Terrorism and Violent Crime and handles security matters for a major sports organization and major corporations throughout the United States and abroad. He is president of Coulson and Associates in Fort Worth, Texas.

Danny Coulson has a BA in Government from Texas Christian University, a law degree from Southern Methodist University and graduated from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He has additionally trained with Counter Terrorist Teams from around the world.

Servare Vitas


"Advancing on the attackers is likely not a good idea.

Remember, you are out gunned and possibly out manned."


"Think of yourself as a sniper waiting to neutralize the threat.

If at all possible engage from behind cover."

"The active shooters should realize you are engaging them
when your bullets strike them."

Danny Coulson


No Heros: Inside the FBI’s Secret Counter-Terror Force