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The construction of a wall across our Southern Border must first and foremost provide an effective security barrier. However, other factors of equal importance are the avoidance of negative environmental impact and the disruption of ranching and farming activities. The Lone Star Wall addresses all of these concerns. Furthermore, the wall itself may be utilized for Border Patrol offices, materials storage, and detention centers. In addition, it could offer storage and feed centers for landowners.

Lone Star Wall - End view


  • The Lone Star Wall has been designed to provide security against intrusion and to additionally increase the efficiency of Border Patrol Agents with its flat top and see-through fence.
  • Agents can patrol from on top of the wall, greatly increasing their effectiveness and observation capabilities.
  • Proven effectiveness for controlling the flow of people

LJA Engineering photo of highway


The Texas R&D Lone Star Wall project will be managed by LJA Engineering which is one of the largest civil engineering companies in the state of Texas with over 1,000 employees.


Designed and built 220 ft. concrete and steel railroad bridge for the Port Terminal Railway’s mainline. The replacement was completed in 60 days.

LJA Shaver Project concrete and steel railroad bridge for the Port Terminal Railway’s main line
LJA Shaver Project

The Lone Star Wall Construction

Meets All Required Government Standards     

Lone Star Wall Fork Lift
Each unit is partially constructed from recycled materials.

90% of the construction is done off-site. This will mean less disruption to ranching and farming operations as well as less impact on the land and wildlife surrounding.    

Lone Star Wall Transport
Lone Star Wall Transport
Lone Star Border Wall Costs


The Lone Star Border Wall will cost 13 million dollars per mile. The Cato Institute has reported that the average cost of the Border Wall is now 24.4 million per mile. The result is that we can almost double the miles per dollar.

Lone Star Wall Humanitarian


  • If required, each container can be configured as a storage facility for water.
  • Potentially saving lives on both sides of the wall.
Lone Star Wall Container Build


  • Emissions from transportation are minimized because no concrete is used in the construction of the Lone Star Wall.
  • The wall sections have been successfully used across the globe and can be easily reconfigured if the need arises.
  • Disruption to wildlife, crops and farms is minimal due to short installation and assembly times. The process is streamlined due to the off-site build.


Lone Star Wall Holding Center

BORDER PATROL Holding and Detention Centers

The Lone Star Wall easily provides the Border Patrol with holding centers for those waiting to be processed or detention centers for offenders.

The Lone Star Observation Post

Observation Capabilities

Additionally, an elevated watchtower can be integrated to enhance observation capability, if needed.

Texas Lone Star Wall BORDER PATROL Storage and Offices

Storage and Offices

Within the wall itself, our design provides for offices, holding areas, and storage. The Lone Star Wall’s many capabilities will allow the Border Patrol to store security-related equipment, ATV’S, and other operational equipment as well as offering space for a functioning office.

Bryan Hanson Morgue File Farm Equipment

for Farmers
and Ranchers

Farmers, ranchers and landowners can also take full advantage of the storage space, storing their farm equipment, feed, and other materials.

Lone Star Wall Storage Container

Lone Star Wall
System Enhancement

Our wall is part of a system to enhance the security of our country and protect our Border Agents and other Law Enforcement Officers. As part of our system, we include the DJI Matrice 200 v2 Series Quadro Copter to further enhance the effectiveness of our structure and the safety of officers and agents. This Quad has a thirty-eight minute flight time, FLIR function, and includes a return-to-base automatic feature.

Lone Star Wall Drone

Additionally, the Quad offers a Follow Me automatic capability. With this feature, Border Patrol agents will be able to search areas from a safe distance, night and day. An additional benefit of this Quad Four is that it can literally fly over-watch over a law enforcement vehicle as it travels along patrol routes or attempts to apprehend smugglers and other illegals in rough terrain. If intruders are spotted in the Follow Mode, the officers can re-direct our quad to the exact location of the subjects for safe contact. Our drones have the capability of delivering 10 pre-recorded messages through its 100-decibel speaker.
¨It is our goal to not only enhance the security of our border through our new approach to wall construction but also to additionally enhance the security and its effectiveness of our brave officers and agents. ¨


Minority/Veteran Owned

Leslie Richards

USAF veteran based out of Dyess AFB Texas where she was assigned to the 7-Logistics Readiness Squadron and now a founding member of Texas R&D.

David Damrell

David has 20 plus years of experience in the military, 5 years federal law enforcement, as a site manager in Afghanistan received Dyncorp Intl’s Chairman’s Award for Valor.

Lone Star Boarder Wall
Lone Star Border Wall Visualization

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