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Services and Security Considerations for Public Events

The violence and disarray of today‚Äôs society has brought new focus on the need for comprehensive public events: assement and security.   As a nation are targeted for acts of violence for a variety of reasons.  Any plan for a public event must include security considerations. There are legal and ethical consequences for not providing security for spectators, participants and attendees.

Our firm has extensive experience in planning and helping to manage public events in the United States and abroad.

Our Experience

Summer and Winter Olympic Games
NFL Super Bowl
The Pan Am Games
The US Open
The Presidents Cup
NBA Championship Series
NBA All Star Games
MLB All Star Games
MLB World Series
World Cup Qualifier Events

It is our practice to analyze the treat level for an event and develop a comprehensive plan for security unique to your requirements.  Coulson and Associates maximize the Security Product while maintaining a calm, friendly, inviting atmosphere.


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Active shooter, the words instantly bring a chill to our being. Our thoughts immediately turn to innocent men, women and children being savagely slaughtered by psychotic monsters who show no mercy. No place in our country are we safe from this significant danger. Churches, schools, shopping malls, theatres, business establishments, public events are all now killing fields for the demented. Vist the Active Shooter Link to learn how to protect your institution, business or family in the event of a shooter in your community.