The very words “Active Shooter” brings a chill to our being. Active shooter training empowers those who participate with the confidence to take charge and protect what matters most, their lives. The words Active shooter evokes images of innocent people being savagely slaughtered by psychotic monsters is our first response to the words “active shooter”. Be prepared to do something to protect yourself, your employees and loved ones in a tramatic time.  

There is no place in our country where we are safe. The threat of an active shooter is a significant and unpredictable threat. Active shooters are known to target the most innocent  people and vulnerable venues. Churches, schools, shopping malls, theatres, as crowds make easy targets. Public events and places where people congregate, are the perfect venues for active shooters to create maximum damage. Fight back with active shooter training for your employees or security team. 

Choosing Coulson and Associates to create a training plan for your organization insures that staff will be prepared for worst case scenarios. Training with Coulson and Associates will minimize casualties in the event of an active shooter. Employee training will minimize your organizations risk from future law suits.


Experienced in Active Shooter Training

Coulson and associates have significant experience in providing training for all types of institutions. The training program can substantially increase the chances for a victims survival.

Active Shooter Training Seminars for:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Medical Facilities
  • Theaters
  • Stadiums
  • Community Centers
  • Churches and All Houses of Worship
  • Businesses
  • Research Facilities

Principle Danny Coulson, has extensive experience training individuals and groups as well as institutions and corporations. Throughout his outstanding career in the FBI, Mr. Coulson has had many encounters with shooters. In addition Mr. Coulson is the founder of the HRT he has applied his knowledge to hostage rescue and active shooter situations.  For more insight into active shooter threats see Danny’s Blog.

Our active shooter training includes:

    • The Basic Theory of Security

    • Notification process and procedures

    • Physiology of an Active Shooter – How to use this knowledge to survive

    • Knowing when immediate action should be taken in a crisis and ensuring fast reaction times

    • Principles of ‘Lock Down and Evacuation’

    • Maximize the response of Law Enforcement

    • Resistance – What works and what does not.

    • Survey of the facility to maximize evacuation and lock down

  • Individual will be trained and have a plan, as a result hey will know exactly what their action should be. Furthermore, employees will be taught to react, regardless of where they are in the facility.


International Active Shooter Training

Coulson and Associates facilitates training internationally. They teach staff from institutions, businesses and events across the globe. Instilling in staff  the skills to protect themselves and others in the case of an active shooters in their midst.

Benefits of Choosing Coulson and Associates

  • A strong security plan and active shooter training for employees will create a safe, secure venue for the public and staff
  • Building a stronger security team through employee education and active shooter training, is every organizations best defence.
  • Knowing the best possible escape route and defence for an active shooter crisis will save lives.
  • A single person with training, can secure and protect themselves. In the case of an active shooter situation. The trained employee can aid others who are with them.

Knowing what to do in a crisis will increase everyones chances for survival!

 Is your staff prepared for a crisis? If the answer is no, choose the experienced team of Coulson and Associates.
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