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Does Gun Control Work?

We are bombarded by the media every day about Gun Control.  Political candidates talk about “buybacks”, seizure of privately-owned firearms, house-to-house searches for firearms, repealing the Second Amendment, enhanced background checks, and the list goes on.  Of course, we are all terribly concerned about this growing problem. The possibility of a mass shooting is on […]

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Florida School Shootings | Mental Health, Weapons and Security


Danny examines how to deter mentally ill individuals from gaining access to weapons. He further discusses the aftermath of the Florida School Shootings and how every school in the United States needs an armed police officer. He states that costs are a poor reason not to implement this vital policy in order to save innocent lives. […]

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Mandalay Bay shootings in Las Vegas


Danny Coulson and Dan Bongino interviewed on FOX News Channel regarding the shootings at Mandalay Bay Casino in LasVegas, Nevada and how to react in active shooter situations.     Active Shooter Notes: How to survive a Mandalay Bay style attack. Visit our Active Shooter Notes for more information on how to protect yourself and […]