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New Years Eve Security Risks

In this video, Danny talks about New Years Eve Security Risks and how to remain safe during this celebration. Safety is on everyone’s mind this New Year’s Eve as the country is on high alert.

The police presence should help to keep the peace but personal protection and awareness of your surroundings is the most important thing to consider at special events. When you enter a venue know the access points and be prepared to get out.

Take action don’t get trapped. Its about movement, get out and run. Do not wait to be shown mercy because they won’t.

Danny O Coulson

Practice these basic safety principles and keep your personal New Years Eve Security Risks to a minimum. The FBI and local law enforcement agencies work together to protect the public. You can trust law enforcement to do everything in their power to keep the public safe.

Remember, be prepared for a safe and Happy New Year!

New Years 2020 – K. Fish

Danny O. Coulson is a retired FBI Special Agent.  He created and commanded the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and four Field Divisions. Danny Coulson served as the Deputy Assistant Director, where he was responsible for all Violent Crime and Terrorism Investigations throughout the world. He has commanded operations that led to the recovery of over 300 hostages. Danny has apprehended countless violent criminals and terrorists across the globe
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