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Examing James Comey: The Chris Wallace Interview

Danny is examining James Comey during this Fox Business Network interview. He analyses Comey’s response to the IG report as it played out in the Chris Wallace interview.

The FISA court is the most important tool against terrorism.

Danny O Coulson

Horowitz had special concerns regarding the use of the FISA court. Although the protocol was robust enough for Comey, in Horowitz’s opinion the FISA procedures are in need of reassessment.

Danny perceives the FISA issue as a problem of individuals lying, rather than a procedural issue. Comey parses his answers very carefully in the interview. Danny notes that there are moments where Comey appears to be sidestepping the truth.

“James Comey is doing a great softshoe here.”

Danny O Coulson

In examing James Comey it can be seen that he recants his testimony multiple times throughout the interview.


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