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The Aftermath of the Probe of the Probe

In the aftermath of the prob of the probe, Mr. Coulson discusses the issues with the low threshold for launching an investigation by the FBI. He believes that it is not the threshold that is the problem but rather the candour of those involved and telling the truth.

In the aftermath of the probe, it is clear that it is about honesty and the truth, not the threshold. There was little honesty or truth during the investigation.

“We have an oath that says tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The FBI did not get the whole truth here. We cherry-picked.” said Danny. This information misled the investigation.

The watchdog confirmed Danny’s concerns about justifying espionage against a political rival. He looks forward to Attorney General Durham’s report.

The FBI knew the investigation was invalid, scurrilious and specious. Yet they presented to the court anyway.

Danny O Coulson
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Danny O. Coulson is a retired FBI Special Agent.  He created and commanded the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and four Field Divisions. Danny Coulson served as the Deputy Assistant Director, where he was responsible for all Violent Crime and Terrorism Investigations throughout the world. He has commanded operations that led to the recovery of over 300 hostages. Danny has apprehended countless violent criminals and terrorists across the globe
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