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Lisa Page Breaks Her Silence

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page breaks her silence surrounding the text message scandal at the Department of Justice.

The lawyer claims the messages were taken out of context and were within the limits of her contractual obligations as a federal worker and freedom of speech. Page further states that President Trump’s continued barrage of texts has destroyed her reputation and career.

Danny believes this is a smokescreen that is designed to draw attention away from the real issues.

It’s not the text messages, it is the content that shows bias.

Danny O Coulson

The situation of bias was so strong that they violated the constitution. The question that still remains is, did she just sign off on the FISA affidavit or did she just gloss over it due to her own bias.

Her injuries are of her own making.

Danny O Coulson

It should be interesting to see the outcome of the Inspector general and the United States Attorney’s investigation.

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