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Inspector General Investigation of FISA Warrants

In this interview on The Evening Edit for Fox Business News, Elizabeth MacDonald and Danny Coulson discuss Inspector General Michael Horwood’s investigation of the Russia probe. He examines abuses of FISA warrant and FD-302 during the Russia probe that are about to be released.

Inspector General Investigation

Danny discusses the reliability of the Inspector General’s office, stating that the public can rely on their findings. Danny is confident that the investigation was necessary and will reveal the truth.

“The report will disclose whether the United States is a nation of laws or a nation of men?”

Danny Coulson

Furthermore, the process should be of benefit to the FBI and the investigation should act as a “cleansing mechanism” for the agency. High-ranking officials must be accountable for the handling of these reports. They have tarnished the FBI’s reputation by mishandling these extremely important documents. The agency wants to see the matter resolved in a proper manner that relies on the facts.

FISA Warrants: A Powerful Tool

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FISA warrants are important to the security of the country. They are used when dealing with foreign investigations. Knowingly signing off on a warrant or affidavit that may not be factual or could be erroneous would violate the civil rights of the individuals being wiretapped. The abuse falls under the constitutional authority and could trigger lawsuits or criminal charges in the future. In closing,

“If this is true, it is a serious violation.”

danny Coulson

Danny O. Coulson is a retired FBI Special Agent.  He created and commanded the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and four Field Divisions. Danny Coulson served as the Deputy Assistant Director, where he was responsible for all Violent Crime and Terrorism Investigations throughout the world. He has commanded operations that led to the recovery of over 300 hostages and the apprehension of countless violent criminals and terrorist. 
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