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The Probe of the Investigation

The Probe of the Investigation has just begun, and the Democrats’ impeachment enquiry has already started to unravel. Danny discusses how Russian election interference in 2016 should have been investigated by a field office, not by an administrative office.

James Comey’s office should never have had control over the investigation. There are established presidents that support this statement: During Nixon’s impeachment, the investigation was undertaken by the Washington field office. During the Iran Contra Affair, Danny himself investigated the issue through the same office. After the transfer, James Comey had full control and the Washington field office no longer had authority. “This change should never have happened,” said Danny. The process of moving investigations from field offices to administration began under Robert Mueller and is not standard procedure.

The FBI deals with the facts and the institution values justice above everything. The FBI is unbiased in its protocols. While investigating, FBI agents seek the truth, they put aside their political inclinations. When the investigation moved from the field office to Comey’s office, it not only limited the investigation but allowed Comey to control information. The change allowed Comey to manipulate FISA warrants and FD-302 report summaries and may have obscured the truth. In closing, the Probe of the Investigation will soon unravel the Democrats’ case for impeachment.

Eagle Eyeglass created by Karin Fish for The Probe of the Investigation Article
The Probing Eye by Karin Fish

Danny O. Coulson is a retired FBI Special Agent.  He created and commanded the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and four Field Divisions. Danny Coulson served as the Deputy Assistant Director, where he was responsible for all Violent Crime and Terrorism Investigations throughout the world. He has commanded operations that led to the recovery of over 300 hostages and the apprehension of countless violent criminals and terrorist. 
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