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Mexican Cartels Target Avocado Market

Mexican Cartels Target Avocado Market and could affect the price consumers pay at grocery stores and restaurants in the United States and across the globe. These drug cartels are pursuing farmers who have enriched their lives by farming the beloved fruit. The industry brings in over 2 billion dollars a year for Mexico. Very few avocados are grown in the US making the US market dependant on Mexico because over 90% of them must be imported. The avocado industry is growing rapidly as the average American consumes over 7.5 pounds in a year. Farmers and factories in Mexico are being forced to arm themselves against the cartel. Danny says the farmers will not be able to protect themselves from the cartel for long.

Mexican Government Assistance

Furthermore, due to the lack of aid from the Mexican government, the drug cartels have taken the opportunity to disrupt the industry and set up protection rackets. Cartels have become like a mini-government in Mexico that sets up the security and order which the government does not seem able to provide. The Mexican government needs to reorganize their criminal justice system to protect their people’s security and income, so Mexican people can continue to prosper. If the Mexican cartels continue to target the avocado market it will severely affect the quality of living for a sizable part of the population. “Mexican’s are hard-working people and deserve better from their government,” says Danny.

Avocado Market targeted by Mexican Drug Cartel
Photo by Dan Tada

Danny O. Coulson is a retired FBI Special Agent.  He created and commanded the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and four Field Divisions. Danny Coulson served as the Deputy Assistant Director, where he was responsible for all Violent Crime and Terrorism Investigations throughout the world. He has commanded operations that led to the recovery of over 300 hostages and the apprehension of countless violent criminals and terrorist. 
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