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Olympic and International Travel Check List



Rio De Janerio – Ryan Beaven

Travel Check List

  • Make Copy of your Passport and keep it secure
  • Take photo of Passport and keep on smart phone
  • Medical issues: Talk to personal physician about Cipro or similar antibiotic to take if¬†needed
  • Leave all jewelry and valuables at home, including wedding bands and class rings
  • Determine details about your transportation and lodging prior to leaving. Who is picking you up? How will you know them?
  • Be absolutely certain of name of transport company and have contact individual to include phone number
  • Set up phone for international. Suggest not to use data on phone, very expensive. Get phone service and text messaging. Get your data through wifi at hotel. Get text messaging set up for international It is fairly cheap.
  • It is important to blend in if at all possible.
  • Be very circumspect about restaurants that you frequent. This is not Playa or KL. Strongly suggest eat at course and at hotel.
  • Suggest that you take nothing that identifies you with the TOUR. Do not wear our hats except on course. If possible use non descript bags and back packs. Do not wear sponsor logo.
  • Insure that you wear shoes, not sandals while in country. You may need to get out of Dodge.
  • Make up a flash roll. Put 10 one dollar bills and one twenty in a paper clip with twenty on top. Use this if a demand for cash is made.
  • Be very aware of your surroundings. If something does not look or feel right, it is likely not right. Do not lapse into denial in an emergency situation.
  • Get a small high intensity flash light. Extra batteries. You may lose power in hotel or other facilities. Carry it even in the day time.
  • Carry a large substantial umbrella all the time. It can be used as an emergency weapon to block and thrust. It is not unusual or threatening.
  • Leave your girlfriend at home.

Danny O. Coulson

Download this list to your smart phone.

Rio De Janerio – Ryan Beaven

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