Active Shooter Blogs



As a result of the horrible attacks from Jihadists and deranged individuals throughout the world, gun sales in the United States are spiking to an all-time high. Our President tells us that gun possession by our free citizens and Climate Change are the root causes of violent acts here in the United States and abroad. Of course we know that he is just plain wrong on both accounts. More and more law enforcement officers are telling us to buy guns, get a permit, and carry them for our own protection. I totally agree with this latter position and encourage exercising our Second Amendment Rights to possess and carry weapons legally.
It is one thing to own and carry a side arm. It is another thing to know what to do with your weapon if you find yourself in an Active Shooter Situation when you are armed.

If you do find yourself in the midst of an Active Shooter Situation, you have to understand that you will be out gunned. Outgunned but not helpless. The Shooters in San Bernardino were armed with AR 15 type weapons, capable of delivering a high volume of fire very accurately. Handguns are simply not as effective, but can be adequate if used tactically.

First try to escape or lock down even if you are armed. The goal of these monsters is to close with their victims and kill at point blank ranges. The average distance of a lethal shot taken in an Active Shooter situation is about eight inches. They will advance, trying to corner you. If escape or lockdown is not possible, make every effort to gain cover, get as low as possible, and only engage when you are confident of making a lethal counter attack. You should practice so that you know at what ranges you can be successful, and you have to be successful. You must know your limitations and that of your weapon. Only practice and training will produce that information.

Advancing on the attackers is likely not a good idea. Remember, you are out gunned and possibly out manned. Let them come to you. Think of yourself as a sniper waiting to neutralize the threat. If at all possible engage from behind cover. The active shooters should realize you are engaging them when your bullets strike them.  

If escape is not a option or if you can not lock down, engaging in defensive gun fire is a last resort. You should fire multiple rounds, generally aimed at the torso near and below the belt area. Body armor typically does not extend down to the belt area. You should practice so that you can fire multiple aimed shots rapidly. Fire a minimum of three rounds from a prone or crouched position or from behind cover. If the subject is not neutralized, engage again. Do not stand up. You are a big target, and other subjects will engage you. Stay down.

You have to remember that responding officers will undoubtedly be in their first active shooter situation. They are pumped up with the responsibility of engaging in a gunfight to save you in the midst of chaos. If you are standing up with a gun in your hand, they will kill you.  

If you see responding officers approaching, immediately put your weapon away and obey any orders they give you. If they are properly trained, they will continue to advance toward the threat. Stay down, be alert for any orders, and do not display your weapon.

History tells us that Jihadists sometime attack hotels. The best place to be in a hotel in these situations is away from it. If possible, flee as soon as possible. If you are in a public area, think first about flight, use your weapon only if flight is not possible. If you are in your room, stay there, and engage your auxiliary lock and immediately move as much furniture as possible up against the door. Shooters are seldom successful in breaching a hotel door and continuing their attack. Position yourself and associates away from the door and at an angel. Again get behind any furniture available to you. If it appears that the attackers may breach the door, it is advisable to fire your weapon even shooting through the door may be a good idea.

What to Carry

You have seen that we have recommended firing multiple shots at an adversary. That does not necessarily, argue against a revolver at all. A revolver can be extremely effective. With the threats we are now facing, an autoloader just gives you more options. We suggest .380 or 9mm for most Concealed Carry Holders. Both are low recoiling calibers and ammunition is relatively cheap. Remember it is important to practice as much as possible.

Diminutive guns are not recommended. Even in .380 Caliber, shooting them is very unpleasant. Go to a gun range, rent a weapon that you can shoot accurately and comfortably. Very small hand guns suffer from a lack of accuracy and can be uncomfortable or even painful to shoot. You will not train with a weapon that hurts your hand when you shoot it. Remember you are training to save your life and possibly that of your family.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Know your capabilities! It is better to flee or lockdown. If that is not an option…

Danny O. Coulson