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Islamic Terrorists have declared Jihad upon us and we are in a State of War. Our government does not agree that we are in a war footing, and is in a state of absolute denial concerning the threats that we face as a nation and as individuals. The Government’s response to this declaration is at best pathetic on all fronts. Our intelligence community is over-extended and over-regulated in the face of the Jihad that is being waged against us. Even if the preceding is untrue, the simple fact that our enemies are numerous, fierce, and totally dedicated to the creation of an Islamic State from what is left over of the United States America, places us in great peril. If tomorrow there is a total reversal of policy by our government, the danger will still be present.

The intelligence collection capability of the State of Israel is about the best in the world. It is un-encumbered by any Constitutional Restrictions. There is no ACLU driving policy and the government and the people are committed to a single-minded determination to preserve the Jewish State. That being said, they still suffer horrendous attacks by Jihadists and anti-Zionists who want to kill them. There are just too many that want to annihilate their State.   Some of these murderers get through to launch their attacks. The Israelis as a people and through their police and military act swiftly to stop the attack.

We face a similar situation here. Because of sheer numbers, some will pass under the radar of our intelligence services and will engage in acts of terrorism here in the United States. They are attacking you, your family, and our way of life. They show no mercy; begging for life has no effect on them, and we must remember, the police are minutes away when seconds matter. The Police response in San Bernardino was four minutes. Do you now understand that seconds matter? It is your responsibility to protect yourself and others. When the Police arrive, it may be too late to save you. Take Action.

Believe It, It Is Happening
In many instances victims of an Active Shooter Situation remain in denial for valuable seconds before they take actions to save their own lives. In the Aurora Colorado Movie Theater shooting, the patrons thought the attack was part of the show. We are at war; expect to be attacked. That is not paranoia, it is the situation that we now live. If you are at the mall and hear what sounds fire crackers, it is not firecrackers; you are hearing gun shots. Head for the exit or barricade in place. Do not be in a state of denial. It may very well happen.


All security is based on the elements of Time, Space and Reaction. Whether we are protecting a person, nuclear weapons, or diamonds, the principle used to protect all of these valuable assets is exactly the same. Your personal security is based on the same concept. You should put space between you and a threat by barricading in place in a secure room, or fleeing to a safe location. You are buying time so that you can react and gain space (distance) from the threat.

Be alert to potential attackers. Shooters often carry back packs, large bags, and dress in Cargo Pants or tactical gear. Bulky sweatshirts can be used to conceal weapons. They bring equipment with them necessary for an attack. Always be conscious of your surroundings so that you can employ the Time, Space, Reaction Concept. If it does not look or feel right, it likely is not right.


Lock Down and evacuation are the first order of business. If possible flee to a far distant location away from the incident. If Lock Down is an option, it gives you about a 90 percent survival rate if the lock down area is secure. Places furniture and material in front of the door to assist in slowing down an attacker. Take a position away from the door at an angle, get behind cover, turn phone on silent, and call 911. Give a full situation report to the 911 Operator.

You are buying time here. If the shooter is delayed in making entry, he or she or both will likely move on. They do not generally spend a lot of time trying to make entry. Remember they are in a huge hurry, operating on vast amounts of adrenaline. Patience is not in their minds. Their intent is to close with you as rapidly as possible and kill you at point blank ranges. The average distance of an active shooter shot is about 8 inches. Yes, 8 inches! Buy yourself time and space by fleeing or locking down.

In some cases, after the initial adrenaline rush and carnage, the shooter will commit suicide if there are no victims readily available. I think that is a good option for them. Buy yourself time, give them the opportunity to take their own lives or succumb to a police assault.


As a last resort, fighting is your only option. Hiding in place under a desk or table only results in death. A spontaneous or coordinated attack on the shooter at least gives you a chance. The shooter has tunnel vision and only focuses on what he sees in his or her front. Attacks from the side can be successful. The shooter in the Gabby Gifford attack was subdued by a grandmother when he tried to reload.

The Armed Citizen
If you have a legal right to carry a firearm, carry it. Be sure you have a license if required. Train and prepare yourself. We have a blog on this site that discusses actions that should be taken by concealed carry holders in the event of an active shooter situation. We will put up another article shortly that synopsizes the very extensive concealed carry blog.

Danny O. Coulson