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Only a short time ago, I wrote an article entitled, “The Paris Nightmare Soon to Be Ours”. On November 13, while working in Mexico, I learned of the Paris attacks that horrified the world and sat down to put my thoughts on the Terrorism Situation into an article for our website. In that article which appears here on our website, I commented that Radical Islamic attacks that we see throughout the world are trailers for what will take place here. We know that because they tell us so. In spite of my prediction, I was horrified to learn of yet another cowardly attack in San Bernardino, California.

US-born Syed Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik ultimately died in a shootout with police within hours of their attack that killed fourteen and wounded at least that many. Islamic Jihad struck us again. Is this the start of more attacks on our Homeland?

Unfortunately I have to say, “Yes.” This operation will be viewed by Islamic Extremists as a victory and will be used to inspire others to do the same. The monsters that have declared war on us have to view us as weak and ineffective. How else would they view a nation that drops leaflets instead of bombs on their enemies ? To them we are totally devoid of leadership or resolve. That weakness emboldens them and recruitments flow to their cause. A frightening proposition.

The FBI has approximately 900 ISIS investigations on-going, and that is only those that have appeared on the FBI Radar Screen.   How many more are out there that are as yet unknown. Farook and Malik did not hit a single trip wire and were able to gather funds, obtain weapons and make bombs before they began their cowardly slaughter. It was only through the professionalism of the law enforcement community in San Bernardino and the courage and expertise of the officers that ultimately confronted Farook and Malik that we did not see follow up attacks. They certainly had weapons and explosives in their car sufficient for additional attacks.

It is significant to note that this particular attack was different from other Active Shooter Attacks that are normally seen in the United States. This operation was a copy of the Pakistani directed attacks in Mumbai, India in 2008 that was far more deadly. In that operation ten terrorists divided into two-man teams launched attacks throughout the city. They used hit and move tactics with assault type weapons and IEDs to avoid capture. They appeared to take hostages with the only intent being to slow down police response and consolidate their holdings so they could murder their captives more efficiently. The fury of their gunfire held police at bay and allowed them almost complete freedom to roam the city. At one point they even attacked a gathering of media with withering gunfire.

San Bernardino is a harbinger or things to come. They will hit us again. Fortunately we are way ahead of the rest of the world with the best, most courageous, best armed police on the planet. We can expect them to perform like the officers in Garland, Texas, Colorado Springs, Colorado

and now in California. The problem is we put them in the mode of response. In spite of valiant efforts from the FBI and all of their Task Forces we will not stop them all. The resources allocated to the Counter Terrorism Program are insufficient and the guidelines that govern all FBI Investigations are too restrictive. They will come after us with a fury that is at least equal to what we have seen in San Bernardino.

When it happens, remember the police are only minutes away when seconds matter. It is your responsibility to plan for your own survival and the survival of your family, friends and associates. These monsters show no mercy to man, woman or child. It is their intent to kill you, make no doubt about that.

I am contacted daily by private citizens, businesses, schools and foreign governments asking for training in Active Shooter Situations and self defense. We will post a new blog shortly giving you information that can save your life. It will be an abbreviated version of an Active Shooter Article that is currently posted on this site.

Danny O. Coulson

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