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Inspector General Investigation of FISA Warrants

In this interview on The Evening Edit for Fox Business News, Elizabeth MacDonald and Danny Coulson discuss Inspector General Michael Horwood’s investigation of the Russia probe. He examines abuses of FISA warrant and FD-302 during the Russia probe that are about to be released. Inspector General Investigation Danny discusses the reliability of the Inspector General’s […]

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The Probe of the Investigation

The Probe of the Investigation has just begun, and the Democrats’ impeachment enquiry has already started to unravel. Danny discusses how Russian election interference in 2016 should have been investigated by a field office, not by an administrative office. James Comey’s office should never have had control over the investigation. There are established presidents that […]

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Does Gun Control Work?

We are bombarded by the media every day about Gun Control.  Political candidates talk about “buybacks”, seizure of privately-owned firearms, house-to-house searches for firearms, repealing the Second Amendment, enhanced background checks, and the list goes on.  Of course, we are all terribly concerned about this growing problem. The possibility of a mass shooting is on […]

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DOJ Watchdog calls Comey’s behaviour “insubordinate”


  Find out Danny Coulson’s opinion on the statement from the Department of Justice Watchdog that James Comey’s actions were “insubordinate” and defied authority while FBI Director. Watch Danny on FOX News discuss the revelations of Comey’s actions with Tucker Carlson.   Read more about Danny Coulson’s career as Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI. […]